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The Party branch of the investment company went to the Baoyuan Community seabet sports bettingCultural Experience Museum to visit and study
Release time: 2024-06-18 17:11:37

        To strengthen the party's education of party members,Further strengthen the ideals and beliefs、Political character that casts clean responsibilities。June 13,The party branch of the investment company organizes party members to visit the integrity culture experience hall of Baipan community。
        In the event,Party members follow the interpreter along the meaning of the Lotus Channel of the Lotus Portal & RDQUO;,Viewed the five exhibition areas in the museum one by one。These exhibition areas show Zheng He’s integrity story、The recent integrity story of Gulou District、Historically Zhu Yuanzhang iron fist anti -corruption、Hairui's Poor Integrity seabet clubStory for Life、Liu Bocheng、Su Yu and other older generations of revolutionaries and the clean deeds of the revolutionaries and the integrity of the residents of the Baeku community。Through physical、Graphic、Video and other display forms,The spirit of the integrity of the material inheritance with the historical figures of Nanjing and the general masses、Practical work style and political character that is absolutely loyal to the party。
        This on -site study strengthened the awareness of party members and the cultivation of party spirit,It is a profound ideological tempering and spiritual baptism。Everyone said,To be a clear understanding of politics、Practitioners who are loyal to the party、Honest people who insist on principles、Clean and seabet sports bettingclean clean people。At the same time,Everyone promises to guard the original heart with a integrity,To be clean and self -discipline、Working work,Actively show the new responsibility of party members in the new era in work and life、New as a。

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