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seabet clubNanjing Customs Deputy Crown Chief Jiang Yuan and the line investigating Rugao Grain and Oil Industrial Park
Release time: 2024-07-03 12:30:48

        June 25,Member of the Party Committee of Nanjing Customs、Deputy Chief Jiang Yuan and his line,Deeper into the front line of Rugao Grain and Oil Industrial Park for visit and inspection,Rugao Customs Guan Gao Shao Jian、Secretary of the Party Branch of Rugao Industrial Park、General Manager Jiang Zhifeng accompanied the research。
        Jiang Yuan and his party first visited the field of the industrial garden oil production workshop and logistics pier,Understand the development process of the industrial park、Business and future plan,seabet casino reviewA positive evaluation of the overall layout and infrastructure construction of the industrial park。
        At the subsequent symposium,Director Jiang Yuan interpreted the relevant policy content,and asked the business status of the enterprise in detail、The scale of production and the main difficulties faced。He said,The customs department will fully support the development of the industrial park,Actively coordinate the difficulties encountered in the process of industrial parks in the dock.,Further optimize the business environment,Promote the high -quality development of the local economy。
        Jiang Zhifeng said,Industrial Park will actively seize seabet online sports bettingpolicy opportunities,Constantly improving its own competitiveness,To promote local economic development、Services to ensure that local food security contribute greater power。

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