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Su Grain Huai'an Grain Storage and Logistics seabet online sports bettingProject Department launched a special emergency drill for "mechanical damage accidents"
Release time: 2024-07-04 14:33:42

        In order to implement & ldquo; Safety production month & rdquo; activity requirements,Improve the ability to respond to emergencies,June 25, 2024,Su Grain Huai'an Grain Storage and Logistics Project Department organized & ldquo; mechanical injury accidents & rdquo; special emergency drill。
        This exercise is performed in a scenario,Simulating the legs of the workers during the mission,The project department organizes the scene of rescue。After the exercise starts,The security officer of the side station was reported to report in time,Emergency rescue plan quickly enables,Contact with nearby hospitals to open a life channel,The ambulance personnel seabet betting platformof the medical group carried out preliminary fixed binding and stabilized emotions for the wounded,Special car immediately responded to the scene to escort the wounded。
        During the exercise,Fast response of each group、Program specification、Compact efficiency,Emergency rescue reaches the expected effect。This activity exercised the emergency rescue ability of the project department,Accumulated actual combat experience,Improving the awareness and responsibility awareness of the participating units。
        Leaders of the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of Qingjiang Pu District guided this exercise throughout the whole process,A positive evaluation was given,and emphasize that emergency plans are seabet betting platforman important guarantee for effective development,Emergency response persons should be familiar with the responsibilities in the plan,Master the skills of emergency rescue,escort for project safety implementation。

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