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Grand Kingdom Grain "" New! Provincial reserve grain company goes all out to do a good job of summer grain acquisition
Release time: 2024-07-05 17:36:49

Mai Long Rolling,Wo Tu Gold。It is when the food returns in the summer again。At present,Summer grain acquisition enters the peak period,To ensure that wheat & ldquo; get in、Storage & rdquo;,Come on day,Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Grain Management Co., Ltd., which belongs to the various libraries, continuously refine service measures,Optimized service method,In the warehouse、Personnel and other aspects to do enough kung fu,Let the farmers sell & ldquo; rest assured food & rdquo; & ldquo;,Make sure that summer grain particles return to warehouse。
In June 2024, Hongze Lake Reservoir District,A truck filled with wheat lined up with long lines to stop at the acquisition point,Staff quickly pounded、Test、Cut sample, etc.,Then use the machine to remove miscellaneous,Send the food from the conveyor belt into the grain depot。
Hongze Lake Library, which belongs to the provincial reserve grain company,There is an endless stream of farmers who come to sell food。Hongze Lake Treasury acquisition this year is more than 20,000 tons,To do a good job of acquisition,In terms of grain quality control,Hongze Lake Kuyan strictly control the quality of seabet online sports bettingacquisition。The first check of the first level,Wheat that comes to sell food,Must -check in the car,Only those who meet the quality requirements can be called the library;,During the operation of unloading food and warehouse,The custodian will conduct multiple spot checks and re -inspections,View whether it is consistent with the quality index of the initial inspection; comprehensive inspection of the third level,A sampling of 200 tons per test,Test all compulsory items include hygiene indicators,Through this three levels to ensure the quality of the wheat of wheat compliance。
June 2024,Kunshan Reach District。Drying youth assault team members day and night insisted,Take turns to do a good job on duty,Guarantee drying safety。
Kunshan Reaper at the provincial reserve grain company,Establishing & ldquo; drying youth commando & rdquo;,Continue to play & ldquo; Five Dynasties Service & RDQUO;。Kunshan Reaper uses the rejuvenation service center & mdash; dry house provides dry services for farmers,To solve farmers & ldquo; Difficulties & rdquo; Questions,Choose the sunny weather to provide free to farmers for drying service。Introduction & ldquo; Black Technology & RDQUO; & Mdash; Intelligent Food Intelligent Detection Platform,Quick unmanned test to realize the quality index of grain sample acquisition quality indicators,Reduce human intervention,greatly improved the efficiency of quality inspection work。
June 2024 Liuqiao Reaper District,Purchase time by extending the acquisition time,Open the door early、Whenea,Ensure the smooth advancement of the acquisition of summer food。
Liuqiaoku, which belongs to the provincial reserve grain company,Summer grain acquisitions & ldquo; party member pioneer assault team & rdquo;、& ldquo; The youth volunteer service team & rdquo;,Organize all party members、Young employees are devoted to the forefront of acquisition。Liuqiaoku acquired food into the warehouse and insist on making a car seabet club-by -car sample,Perform & ldquo; one car, one check & rdquo;,Professional & ldquo;。Inspection and testing links use the fast moisture measurement instrument of imported equipment in Posong, Sweden、Near Infrared Grain Analysts,Large reduction time,Reduce the waiting time of farmers,Improve the efficiency of the warehouse。Use & ldquo at the same time & ldquo; Jiangsu Province local reserve grain cloud service system & rdquo;,Strictly managed the full process of acquiring the entire process with informationization,Strengthen the number of food and capital risk prevention and control,Achieving food storage visualization,Let the farmers sell & ldquo; understand food & rdquo; & ldquo; comfortable food & rdquo;。
In June 2024, Suqian Tianfeng Store District,The green channel of farmers has improved the satisfaction and comfort of farmers in the process of selling food。
Suqian Tianfengku at the provincial reserve grain company,On -site price on the library area、Standard Wall、The sample came to power、Instrument and equipment & ldquo;。Suqian Tianfeng Store gives full play to the role of state -owned grain enterprises' main channels,Strengthen high -quality service,24 hours of duty registration,Do a good job of service arrangements for customers and night food vehicles at night; provide a lounge,indoors with air conditioning、Drinking water equipment; purchasing standing for emergency medicine,To prevent the risk of heat stroke caused by high temperature in summer; open the green channel of farmers,Special person is responsible,Make sure farmers complete the entire food sales process。At the same time,Tianfeng Library strictly abides by food and warehousing operations & ldquo; Ten strict prohibited & rdquo;,Production safety has been strongly guaranteed。
June 2024 Jinhu Reservoir District,Establish a convenient rest area,Provide convenience for the people of food sales、Consultation、Emergency seabet casino reviewdrugs and other intimate services,Let the farmers like to sell & ldquo; Shuxin food & rdquo;。
Golden Lake Library, which belongs to the provincial reserve grain company,Established & ldquo; Young Workers Pioneer & RDQUO;,Actively connecting farmers' food sales demand,With a high fighting spirit、Practical style devoted to the acquisition of summer grain。Golden Lake Treasury acquisition task this year 8991 tons,All members of the Ku area sinking one line,Ten & rdquo;,Actively strengthen policy publicity and explanation,Actively release the quality of grain acquisition、Level、Price and service commitment; strict price on the list、Standard Wall、Sample coming to power; improve consultation explanation、Over -pounding weight、Quality Inspection、Uninstalled into the library、Account liquidation and other work quality and efficiency; innovation uses WeChat group、Appointment methods such as applets,Let the farmers selling grain sell less legs、Live in line、Fast sales of food; focus on the demand for grain sales of farmers in the area,Actively carry out on -site acquisitions,Help farmers to easily sell food; improve the one -stop & rdquo; convenience service hall,Create & ldquo; Five & rdquo; grain sales environment,is tea and water、There are medicines、Have a meal、There is an air conditioner、There are newspapers。Further draw closer to the distance from the masses,Serving the vitality of service for farmers,Get unanimous praise from the local people。
Since the implementation of the Food Safety Guarantee Law of the People's Republic of China on June 1,Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Grain Management Co., Ltd., which are directly affiliated, adhere to the strict implementation of the grain safety guarantee law,By formulating a summer harvest plan,Apply for rotating loans in advance,Make sure the acquisition funds are in place,Resolutely eliminate & ldquo; missing two & rdquo; & ldquo; pressure level price & rdquo; & ldquo;。
Provincial reserve grain company is the overall seabet online sports bettingdeployment of the central government's reform of the central government about the reform of the grain reserve system,Improve the ability of food security guarantee,Accelerate the construction of higher levels、higher quality、More efficient、More sustainable food security guarantee system and other backgrounds.,It is an important carrier and grasp of the provincial government and provincial government to implement the responsibility of the party and government of food security。Since its establishment,Persist in ensuring the main business of the main responsibility of food security,Comprehensive implementation of regulatory tasks such as grain and oil purchase and sales and storage,Play a positive role in maintaining the stability of the food market and the protection of the interests of farmers。

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