Jianghai Company Zhangjiagang Grain and Oil Industrial Park Packaging Oil Project Engineering Project Second Trial Invitational Letter Letter
Release time: 2024-06-27 15:28:16

Jiangsu Province Food Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Provincial Grain Group & RDQUO;) The second instance of the audit agency of Jianghai Company Zhangjiagang Grain and Oil Industrial Park Packaging Oil Project Engineering Project,Now invited your company to conduct audit work expenses。
I. Project Overview
1. Project name
Jianghai Company Zhangjiagang Grain and Oil Industrial Park packaging oil project.
2. Introduction to the project
(1) Project location: Zhangjiagai, Zhangjiagang Industrial Park, No. 1, Baodao Road, Jinang Town, Zhangjiagang City。
(2) Project Construction Content: 5L Line & Ge; 4000 bottles/h; 10L/20L convertible cable,10L & GE; 3000 bottles/h,20L production capacity & GE; 2000 bottles/h production line; reserved 20L line production capacity & GE; 2000 bottles/h or 10L line production capacity & GE; 3000 bottles/hour production line。
(3) Total investment of the project: approval budget investment 115.6036 million yuan。
3. Work content
(1) The basis for reviewing and settlement of review: review completion settlement preparation basis whether it complies with relevant national regulations,Whether the information is complete,Is the procedure complete,Is it compliant with the leftover problem。
(2) Review project quantity: approve the amount of seabet casino reviewconstruction project; review the amount and price difference of the materials; review the hidden acceptance records; the use of the quota of the review project; the category of reviewing the project; Specific calculation error。
(3) Review project contract: whether the relevant documents are complete、Legal compliance。
(4) Other key concerns.
2. Work requirements
1. The calculation of engineering cost should be ensured during the audit process of engineering settlement,Policy、Regulations to grasp correctly; pay attention to the project project of the project、Design、Approval、Bidding、Construction、Completion of legal、Compliance、Reasonable,Whether the change of the project has fulfilled the legitimate procedure, etc.; The preliminary review opinions should be explained for the main review of the preliminary review opinions;。
2. During the audit period of engineering settlement,Auditors of the office must abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the provincial grain group and project units,Obey Management,Conservation and quantitative work to complete the engineering settlement audit related work arranged by the provincial grain group。
3, bid requirements
1. Qualification requirements: The bidding unit has an independent legal person qualification (provides a copy of the business license and stamped with the official seal of the unit);
2. Forces: At least 3 senior service personnel are approved by the supplier team (3 senior service personnel must meet the following conditions at the same time: at least one of the senior service personnel with A.3 high -level service personnel must be equipped with at least one construction engineering major Or registered cost engineer for municipal majors,At least one supervisor engineer at the same time; B. 3 senior service personnel must have senior engineers' title),Experience of the entire process of engineering projects with engineering projects;
3. Performance requirements: Suppliers for nearly 5 years (from January seabet betting platform1, 2019 to the present to the present,The time for signing the contract) shall have three or more investment scale to reach the audited experience and complete cases of major investment projects of a major state -owned enterprise in state -owned enterprises;
4. Avoiding requirements: Participate in the compilation of the project bid for the project、Tracking Audit、Settlement agency shall avoid;
5. Integrity requirements: Strictly implement the audit institution & ldquo;,Do not contact Party A and construction units privately;
6. Confidential requirements: Strictly abide by the requirements of confidentiality discipline,Confidential information such as Party A and the business secrets of the construction unit known in the business process,signed a confidential commitment letter;
7. Time limit requirements: The audit time limit is issued within one month after providing audit -related materials for the full audit materials。
8. This service fee includesBasic charges and benefits charges,Among them: Basic expense standards 30,000,Benefit charging standards are quoted by each bidding unit at a nuclear reduction ratio。Audit service fee Signed and stamped with the project settlement review form (three parties) and the formal report is issued。
    9. The quotation letter shall be attached to other similar project case certification materials、A copy of the professional qualification certificate、Working instructions, etc.。
4. Bid evaluation methods
1. This bid evaluation team consists of relevant personnel of the Provincial Grain Group and the Provincial Jianghai Company。
2. This bid evaluation adopts a comprehensive scoring method,The highest score won the bid。Rules for the scoring rules, please refer to the bidding details。
5. Submitting requirements for quotation letter
1. Quotation Letter 2 part,Sealed in the envelope with the relevant proof materials。
2. The quotation letter Please please before 11:00 am on July 1, 2024,Delivery to Room 2510, Su Grain International Building。
3. Contact: Guan Chao,seabet clubContact number: 025-68529971。
Provincial Grain Group Audit Risk Control Department
June 27, 2024   

Bid evaluation and details
Estimation of points
(a total of 100 points)
Bidding offer:  40  points
Work plan:  40  points
Project leader:  8  points
Project team:  7  points
Service commitment:  3  points
Others:  2  points
Band evaluation base price calculation method This tender,The average amount of the nuclear reduction at the valid quotation is the benchmark price,The benchmark price is the full score of the price points,40 points。
seabet online sports betting Rating factors Score Standards
Bid offer
Score Standards
40) points
Bidding quotation and benchmark price deviation (maximum deduction 10 points) equal to the standard price of bid evaluation (40) points
One point of one point of a thousandth of the quota reduction of the basis for the basis for the basis of the bid evaluation
0.5 points at a deduction of one thousandth of the quota reduction of the basis for the basis for the basis of the bid evaluation
Working plan
(40) points
1. Work plan design complete,Clear thinking,It has operability,Make sure to complete the required time,scored 30-40 points;
2. Work plan design is relatively complete,Thinking is relatively clear,It has certain operability,Basically completed within the required time,get 20-30 points;
3. Working plan ideas are not clear,Lack of operating,Unable to complete the required time,10-20 points。
Project leader
(8) points
1. With registered cost engineers or senior professional titles,and have 10 years or more experience,up to 8 points;
2. With registered cost engineers or senior professional titles,and have experience with 5 years or more,up to 6 points;
3. With registered cost engineers or senior professional titles,and have less than 5 years of experience,At most 4 points。
Project team
(7) points
1. Invest 5 people in the core personnel of this project,Depending on its previous work resume,The nature of the person participating in the project、scale score,up to 7 points;
2. Invest 4 and below the core personnel of this project,Depending on its previous work resume,The nature of the person participating in the project、scale score,At most 4 points。
Service commitment
(3) points
The degree of compliance between commitments and expectations,Satisfaction 3 points,General 1-2 points,Dissatisfied 0 points。
Other (2) points seabet casino reviewEach judge has a comprehensive judgment of the bidding unit 0-2 points.

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