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Political Birthday Memories In mind the mission strong party spirit: the provincial food group party committee carried out party discipline education reality training and political birthday activity
Release time: 2024-06-21 19:25:06

        June 19,Some party members of the Provincial Food Group Organization Headquarters seabet clubwent to the Revolutionary Education Base in Daowangzhuang, Sihong County, Suqian City,Carry out party discipline learning and education reality training and political birthday activities,Through on -site party education、Visit the Integrity Education Museum、Over political birthday and other forms,Further inspire comrades of party members to strengthen their ideals and beliefs、Strengthening the mission、Strict discipline rules、Enhance the consciousness of party members。Group Leadership Leader、The person in charge of the party affairs department、Headquarters from May-June party members to participate in the event。
        During the event,All party members visited Xuefeng Cemetery、Red King Zhuang、Chen Yi Memorial,Revisiting the past revolutionary years,Looking back on the glory history and the heroic deeds of the martyrs,deeply realized the noble character of the older generation revolutionary family represented by seabet online sports bettingPeng Xuefeng、firm ideals and beliefs and fearless revolutionary spirit。In Oath Teacher Square,All party members present flower baskets for revolutionary martyrs,Grovisal for the party flag solemnly,Commonly returning to the party oath,Don’t forget the original heart、Keep in mind the mission once again and feel the surging mood of the first time with the right hand。
        This collective political birthday creative moved to the former revolutionary site,Participating party members recalled the experience of joining the party、Revisiting the beginning of the party。The secretary of the branch sent the political birthday card to the relevant party members,Remind the comrades of the party to keep in mind the identity of the party member at all times,Enhance the consciousness of party members,Pay attention to party spirit cultivation。Group leaders in charge of & ldquo; find the first heart、Recalling the beginning of the heart、Keep the original heart & rdquo;,Send a message to all seabet sports bettingparty members,Inspire all party members in the party spirit、Main business performance、Integrity and self -discipline and other aspects are actively acting、Good work and success,Fight for loyalty、Clean、The example of responsibility。
        In activities,The comrades of the participating party members said that they would be in the future work,At all times, strictly request yourself with the standards of party members,Always with the advanced nature of party members、Pure sex spur inspire yourself,Always with a fuller spirit、Practical style and better performance Practice the solemn commitment to the party,Efforts to contribute all their strength to the Group's high -quality development。

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