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Provincial Grain Group held the 2024 Legal Governance Conference and Party Committee theoretical Learning Center Group (expanded) learning meeting
Release time: 2024-06-24 10:13:41

        Recent,Provincial Grain Group held the 2024 Legal Governance Conference and Party Committee theoretical Learning Center Group (expanded) learning meeting,Learn "Xi Jinping's Thought of the Law of the Law" and the newly revised "Company Law",Drives the seabet clubspirit of the Provincial SASAC in 2024 Provincial Enterprise Rule of Law Compliance Internal Control and Control Work Conference,Deployment Group 2024 The construction of the rule of law。General Manager of the Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Su Zhifu presided over the meeting and spoke。
        Members of the theoretical center group and some sub -enterprise representatives around & ldquo; study Xi Jinping's thought of rule of law,Promoting & lsquo; rule of the rule of law & rsquo; Construction & rdquo;。
        Meeting to point out,Take this learning as an opportunity,Further strengthen the newly issued newly issued laws and regulations such as the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China", "The Food Safety Guarantee Law of the People's Republic of China", "Company Law", and "Regulations on the Disclosure of State -owned Enterprise Management".,Continuous improvement of the group's level of governance in accordance with the law。
        Conference emphasized,The important meaning of Xi Jinping's thinking of the rule of law is deep,More consciously building the concept of seabet online sports bettingthe rule of law in accordance with the rule of law; consciously strengthen the study of party constitution, party discipline and national laws and regulations,The leadership team must take the lead to learn、The rule of law team should focus on learning、Cadres and employees must be generally learned,Through extensive learning,Grasp and implement it。
        The meeting deployed the group's rule of law in 2024,Emphasize focusing on & ldquo; Strong internal control、Prevention risk、Promotional & rdquo; target,Fully grasp the work of rule of law compliance and risk control internal control,Continuous improvement & ldquo; rule of the rule of law & rdquo; construction level。We must strive to improve the work system of the enterprise in accordance with the rule of law,We must continue to carry out compliance management promotion actions with compliance behavior,Based on institutional construction、The system landing is the key,Comprehensively strengthen the construction of the internal control and supervision system,To comprehensively strengthen the construction of the risk prevention and control seabet casino reviewsystem,Make sure no major business risk occurs,To implement the main responsibility of the unit involved,Cases of legal disputes & ldquo; Pressure control increase & rdquo; action,To actively promote the integration of the internal control system of the rule of law in the rule of law。
        The meeting highlighted & ldquo; the rule of law & rdquo;,Requirements to give full play to leading cadres to lead the demonstration role、Effectively play & ldquo; Legal consultant & rdquo; support guarantee、Effectively give play to the professional basic role of the legal work team、Give full play to the co -governance role of other subjects。
        Member of the Party Committee of the Provincial Grain Group,The main person in charge of each department of the headquarters,The main person in charge of each second -level enterprise、Related responsible comrades in charge of the association attended the meeting。

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