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Li De, deputy director of the Provincial Food and Material Reserve, investigated and supervised Liu Qiaogu Xia Grain acquisition
Release seabet casino reviewtime: 2024-06-24 14:42:52

        June 14,Li De, deputy director of the Provincial Food and Material Reserve Bureau, and his party went to Liuqiao debit to investigate and supervise the acquisition of summer grain,Huang Wei, deputy head of the People's Government of Tongzhou District, Nantong City、Provincial Reserve Grain Company Relevant person in charge accompanied。
        Li De inspected the Xia Food in the field of Liuqiaoku.、Quality Inspection、On -site acquisitions such as entering the warehouse,Focus on the progress of the purchase of food this year in the Kibal area、Quality and price and safety production,Acquisition of Liuqiao dek in grain、The achievements in policy execution are positive。
        He pointed out,Summer grain acquisition is an important part of food work throughout the year,Grain departments at all seabet betting platformlevels should be under the premise of adhering to the bottom line of safe production,Do a good job in the summer harvest。First, we must adhere to the role of the main channel of the state -owned grain enterprise grain circulation market,Use Cang Rong、Funds、Channel and other advantages to carefully organize acquisitions,Make sure that there is no peasant & ldquo;,Give full play to the role of the post service center,Provide cleaning in time、Drying and other services,Assist farmers to reduce damage and increase income; third, we must adhere to further maintaining market order,Strictly implement the acquisition policy,Consciously performing social responsibility,Strictly operate in accordance with the law、Integrity operation; Fourth, we must adhere to the responsibility seabet sports bettingof the main body of production safety,Strictly execute & ldquo; Ten strict prohibited & rdquo; requirements,At the important stage of the current summer grain acquisition,Do a good job in the workplace work of the on -site operator,Build a vertical to the end in layers、The responsible system of horizontal to the edge,Effectively keep the bottom line of safety production。

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