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General Manager of the Provincial Grain seabet betting platformGroup Su Zhifu went to Changzhou、Zhenjiang Research Provincial Reserve Storage Warehouse New Project
Release time: 2024-06-24 14:53:47

        June 19,General Manager of the Provincial Grain seabet betting platformGroup Su Zhifu went to Changzhou Southern Jiangsu Reserve Grain Company and Zhenjiang Jiangnan Reserve Grain Company to investigate the progress of new provincial reserve new projects,Coupled by the person in charge of the relevant enterprises and departments of the group。
        The research team went to the field on -site to investigate the project construction situation,I learned about the construction of the project。Subsequent,The person in charge of the project for the project advance、Existing problems and difficulties reported a report。Su Zhifu made three requirements at the same time to affirm the project construction work:seabet sports betting。The project construction must keep in mind & ldquo;、Do the mission of demonstration & rdquo;,Surrounded by & ldquo; safety grain library、Smart Grain Library、Green Grain Store、Beautiful Grain Store、Integrity grain depot & rdquo; Construction target,Raise the awareness of the overall situation and responsibility,Expand the development pattern,The highest positioning of the anchor area,Jugin Construction & LDQUO; Su Grain Reserve & RDQUO; First -class Enterprise。Second is to strengthen quality control,Promoting the spirit of craftsmen,Construction & ldquo; Boutique & rdquo; project。Target with high -quality development,New technology of fusion warehousing construction、New process、New concept,Effectively improve construction quality,Standardization of improving project construction、standardization、Refined management level。The members of the project team should promote & ldquo; craftsmanship & rdquo;,Further strengthening safety production management、Engineering Quality Supervision、Progressive project progress、Economic protection measures and other aspects of work,Make sure high standards complete project construction tasks。Third, adhere to the red line of discipline,Keep the bottom line of the rules,Building & ldquo; integrity & rdquo; project。The members of the project team must practice a clean line、Shoulian heart,Planting cleanliness genes into the psychiatric blood veins of grain engineering,The comrades of the party must take the lead in loyalty to the party & ldquo; background & rdquo;,Persist in the true colors of integrity and self -discipline;,Disciplinary violations of law and discipline,Resolutely eliminate incorrect wind,Building & ldquo; Clean Grain & rdquo;。

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