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Grain and Oil Reserve

  Reserve of the Great Power,Su Grain's responsibility。As the main force of provincial reserve grain and oil storage,Su Grain Group in our province's high -quality grain production area、Important logistics nodes, etc., increase the layout of grain and storage,Form the purchase of radiation in the province、Storage、Add、Yun、Sales network; fully promote standardized refined management,Promoting the application of green grain storage technology,Promote intelligent management of grain depot,seabet betting platformResolutely seabet clubkeep the managing & ldquo; the world granary & rdquo;,Provides strong system support and material foundation for ensuring Jiangsu food security and market stability。
  Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Grain Management Co., Ltd. is founded by Su Grain Group wholly,Positioning as a public welfare enterprise,Specific responsibility for the operation and management of provincial government reserve grain,Implementation of regulatory tasks such as food purchase and sales and storage。The company adopted the management architecture of & ldquo; company+direct library & rdquo;,Implementation seabet sports betting& ldquo; Special Enterprise seabet casino reviewManagement、Special Library Storage、Specialist custody、Discovery account & rdquo;,Specify the provincial government reserve grain standard operation,Improve the level of regional food security guarantee。