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Development process

Establishment of the Group Corporation,OK & ldquo; Four combinations & rdquo; development strategy。

The first processing enterprise Jiangsu Province Suliangmi Company was established.

seabet online sports seabet sports bettingbettingZhangjiagang Wharf daily processing 3,000 tons of soybean oil plants.

Jiangsu Jianghai Grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd.'s joint -stock system reform is completed;,Suzhou Wuzhong and Japan produced 200 tons of rice processing lines for completion。

Establishment of Jiangsu Province Su Grain Reserve Oil Management Co., Ltd.,Storage and Management of Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Oil; Su Grain International Building is completed。

Establish & ldquo; Highlight the main business、Growing Industry、Cultivate brand、Differential development & rdquo; & ldquo; Twelve Five -Year Plan & RDQUO;。

Establishment of Jiangsu Province Su Grain United Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.,Build a high -quality agricultural product supply chain。

Jiangsu Thirty Zero Flour Hai'an Co., Ltd.,The project is expected to deal with 250,000 tons of wheat annually。

The main business income exceeds 5 billion yuan,Logistics throughput exceeds 7 million tons。

Promoting the reform seabet sports bettingseabet betting platformof Zhangjiagang Wharf,Establish Jianghai Grain and Oil (Zhangjiagang) Industry Co., Ltd.; Establish & ldquo; He is the first & rdquo;,Formulate the brand development strategy of the group company

& ldquo; 135 & rdquo; sailing。

The main business income exceeds 7 billion yuan,Logistics throughput exceeds 8 million tons。

Jiangsu Thirty Zero Flour Hai'an Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation; Jianghai Jianghai Grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the 10 employees in the province.。

The first party congress of the group company victory was held,Elected a new leadership team; promote the integrated operation of Jiangsu three zero flour Co., Ltd.,Carry out the pilot reform of the company's manager layer term system and contract management reform; promote the integration of Jiangsu Provincial Storage and Transport Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Dongfang Grain and Oil Supply Co., Ltd.。

Holding acquisition of Rugao Grain and Oil Industrial Park,The main business income exceeds 10 billion yuan。

& ldquo; 145 & rdquo; Good start,Promoting seabet casino reviewseabet clubthe integration and development of Huaxia Company and Suliangmi Industry,Social venture Establishment of Shuiyun Su Mi Industrial Research Institute,The main business income exceeds 20 billion yuan,Annual grain and oil business volume、Logistics throughput exceeds 10 million tons。

Establishment of Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Grain Management Co., Ltd.

Establishing Group Grain Trade Management Center & Hellip; & Hellip;