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Grain and Oil Reserve

  Reserve of the Great Power,Su Grain's responsibility。As the main force of provincial reserve grain and oil storage,Su Grain Group in our province's high -quality grain production area、Important logistics nodes, etc., increase the layout of grain and storage,Form the purchase of radiation in the province、Storage、Add、Yun、Sales network; fully promote standardized refined management,Promoting the application of green grain storage technology,Promote the intelligent management of grain depot,Resolutely seabet sports bettingkeep seabet clubthe control & ldquo; the world granary & rdquo;,Provides strong system support and material foundation for ensuring Jiangsu food security and market stability。
  Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Grain Management Co., Ltd. is founded by Su Grain Group wholly,Positioning as a public welfare enterprise,Specific responsibility for the operation and management of provincial government reserve grain,Implementation of regulatory tasks such as food purchase and sales and storage。The company adopted & ldquo; company+direct library & rdquo; management architecture,Implementation seabet online sports betting& seabet casino reviewldquo; Special Enterprise Management、Special Library Storage、Specialist custody、Discovery accounting & rdquo;,Guarantee the provincial government reserve grain specification operation,Improve the level of regional grain safety guarantee。