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Thirty -3 companies welcomes the "seabet sports bettingTaixing City Mayor Quality Award" on -site review
Release time: 2022-09-21 18:37:32

      Thirty Zero Company recently declared & ldquo; 2022 seabet sports bettingTaixing City Mayor Quality Award & rdquo;,After the preliminary qualification review、Data review,Successfully entered the on -site review phase。
      September 18th to September 19th,seabet sports bettingTaixing City Mayor Quality Award Expert Review Team visited Su San Zero Company,On -site review of the company,Chairman of the Su Thirty Company、The general manager accompanies Xin Yue and relevant persons in charge。
      Judging experts first listened to the company's chairman、The general manager to Xinyue's report on the overall overview of the company and the main business process。Subsequent,Experts from the judge group with rigorous and pragmatic work style,Palm segmentation Block by listening to the introduction、Check the information、Visit on the spot、Check the original material of the confirmation material and the middle layer of seabet casino reviewthe company、Grassroots employees hold a symposium and other forms,A comprehensive assessment of the comprehensive situation of Su Sudu Company。
      During the review,Review experts in accordance with the requirements of excellent performance standards,A company with the company,Summarized the company's construction of corporate culture、Strategic Management、Technology Innovation、Successful experience and highlights in business models,and put forward the next stage to further optimize improvement suggestions。
      Participating & ldquo; Mayor Quality Award & rdquo;,It is a comprehensive summary of the company's excellent performance management,It is also the practice of the company's business philosophy。This review is positively & ldquo; September 18 & rdquo; Incident Memorial Day,Su Thirty Company seabet sports bettingpays tribute to Revolutionary Martyrs with actual actions。Regardless of the result,The company will take the opportunity to strive to create Taixing Mayor Quality Award,Continue to implement an excellent performance mode,Constantly improving the management level of the enterprise,Further expand the competitive advantage,Strike the vision of the benchmarking enterprise & rdquo;。(30 Company Supply)

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