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Water Yun Su Mi Research Institute Nanyin 46 seed business income special audit invitations
Release time: 2024-01-26 17:07:20

Jiangsu Province Food Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Provincial Food Group & RDQUO;) Audit agency on an abroad conducts special audits on the 46 seeds of Nanjin Sumi Research Institute of Shuiyun Su Mi,Now invited your company to conduct audit work expenses。
I. Project Overview
1. Project name
Jiangsu Province Shuiyun Su Mi Industrial Research Institute Co., Ltd. Nanyin 46 seed business income special audit。
2. Work content
Comparison of the relevant content of the "Joint Investment and Establishing Company Agreement",Special seabet betting platformseabet casino reviewaudit of 46 seed income of Nanjin Southern Jewelvanic 46 Seeds in Nanjin Sumi Industrial Research Institute Co., Ltd.。
2. Work requirements
During the audit period,Auditors of the office must abide by the relevant rules and regulations of the provincial grain group and project units,Obey Management,Audit -related work arranged by the provincial grain group in conservation and quantity。Discovery major matters should be reported to the Provincial Grain Group Audit Risk Control Department in a timely manner。
3, bid requirements
1. This service quotation is Total bag service price Quotation (involving a business trip for relevant auditors、Accommodation fee,It is borne by the delegation office by itself)。
2. The quotation letter shall attach a copy of the professional qualification certificate of dispatched personnel、Job instructions, etc.。
4. Bid evaluation methods
1. The bid evaluation team consists of personnel of the provincial grain group.
2. This bid evaluation adopts a comprehensive scoring method,The highest score won the bid。Rules for the scoring rules, please refer to the specification of the bid。
​​5. Submitting requirements for quotation letter
1. Quotation Letter 2 part,Seal with the relevant proof materials in the envelope。
2. The quotation letter Please please be 15:00 pm on January 30, 2024,Delivery to Room 2510, Su Grain International Building。
3. Contact: Guan Chao,Contact number: 025-68529971。
Provincial Grain Group Audit Ratioment Department
 seabet online sports bettingseabet sports bettingJanuary 26, 2024

Bid evaluation of the details
Scores composition
(total score 100 points)
Bidding offer:  40  points
Work plan:  40  points
Unit project performance:  5 points
Project leader:  5  points
Project team:  5  points
Service commitment:  3  points
Others:  2  points
The calculation method of the standard price of the bid evaluation base This tender,The average price of valid quotation is the benchmark price,The benchmark price is the full score of price points,40 points。
seabet sports betting Rating factor Score StandardsTake it
Bid offer
Score Standards
40) points
Bidding quotation and the benchmark price deviation equal to the standard price of bid evaluation (40) points
Each higher than the standard price of 5,000 yuan for the bid evaluation is 2 points
1 point at 5,000 yuan deduction at a standard price of 5,000 yuan per low
Work plan
(40) points
1. Work plan design complete,Clear thinking,It is operable,Make sure to complete the required time,30-40 points;
2. Work plan design is relatively complete,Thinking is relatively clear,It has certain operability,Basically completed within the required time,get 20-30 points;
3. Work plan thinking is not clear,Lack of operating,Unable to complete the required time,10-20 points。
Unit project performance
(5) points
Have similar project experience,For every one valid performance,1 point,up to 5 points。
Project leader
(5) points
1. With registered accountants seabet clubor senior titles,and have seabet club10 years or more experience,at most 5 points;
2. With registered accountants or senior titles,and has experience with 5 years or more,up to 4 points;
3. With registered accountants seabet clubor senior titles,and have less than 5 years of experience,up to 3 points。
Project team
(5) points
1. Invest 3 people in the core personnel of this project,Depending on its previous work resume,The nature of the person participating in the project、scale scoring,at most 5 points;
2. Invest in the core personnel of this project, less than 3 people,Depending on its previous work resume,The nature of the person participating in the project、scale scoring,up to 3 points。
Service commitment
(3) points
The degree of compliance between commitments and expectations,Satisfaction 3 points,General 1-2 points,Dissatisfied 0 points。
Other (2) points Each judge has a comprehensive judgment of the bidding unit 0-2 points.

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