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The party and the group build the aggregation force and rural rejuvenation to promote the development of provincial grain group and Getang Street to carry out party unity and co -construction activities
Release time: 2023-03-13 16:24:36

        ​​On the beginning of March Fangfei,It's time for another year。In the nation's & ldquo; two sessions & rdquo;,It coincides with the 60th Lei Feng Memorial Day and the 45th National Volunteer Tree Planting,Provincial Grain Group and Getang Street jointly carried out volunteer tree planting activities and party unity and co -construction activities,With the party building, the village rejuvenation、To help youth growth with seabet sports bettinggroup building,For & ldquo; seabet sports bettingStreet enterprise cooperation & rdquo; Promote the high -quality development of both parties and start a new chapter。From the Provincial Grain Group、Relevant leaders of Getang Street、Nearly 50 party members and young comrades participated in co -construction activities。
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        Chunfeng Chi,All things recovery。March 11,Receive Temple Community Volunteer Tree Planting Base in Getang Street,Provincial Grain Group、Getang Street Young employees support the tree squatting seedlings under the warm sun in the spring day、Walking Earth、Watering Rone Root,Planting nearly a hundred early cherry tree seedlings,Use hard sweat to contribute youth for the beautiful Jiangsu construction。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Grain Group、Chairman of the Trade Union Xu Xingqi and the Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Getang Street Yu Jianjun,Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee、Director of the Office Lu Cen's pioneer trees symbolizing the friendship between the two sides,Together & ldquo; Gannlin & rdquo; tree card,Witness the greenness of the friendship between Su Grain and Getang's greenness first shows、Lianlin Forest,Extremely vitality。

A co -sign agreement, cooperate with the future
        Wanderer of the reunion for high -quality development aggregate,The co -construction seabet sports bettingof the party and groups of seabet online sports bettingthe two parties was grandly opened at the new era of Getang Street.。Xu Xingqi、Yu Jianjun delivered a speech for the co -construction ceremony,conveys the beautiful blessings and exciting expectations of the unity of the parties of the two parties。Under the testimony of the leaders of the meeting,The two parties signed a party building and group building agreement。Subsequent,Provincial Grain Group Party Committee、Youth League Committee to the Party Working Committee of Getang Street、The Youth League Working Committee presented & ldquo; agriculture, farmers & rdquo; related books and calligraphy arts。Su Gan and Getang & ldquo; talent & rdquo;,Due to & ldquo; food & rdquo;,and now will jointly inject new kinetic energy for the mission of responsibilities & rdquo;,To promote the high -quality development of both parties to gather new forces。

Create a win -win situation, serve the road of revitalization
        Last stop,Everyone appreciates high -standard farmland in Geutang Great Wall Village,Know the history of the revolutionary history of the Red Transportation Station of Getang Qiuzhuang,Create the seed industry innovation、Special Agriculture、Brand Construction、Local red culture inheritance and other rural rejuvenation points in depth one by one。With the help of the provincial grain group in grain scientific research、seabet sports bettingIndustry、seabet betting platformSignificant advantages in operation and other aspects,To better excavate the rich agricultural resources of Getang Street,Both parties have a consensus on promoting the implementation of rural revitalization、Industry has interoperability、A compatible resources,Advantages to achieve complementary advantages、Coordinated development,Working a win -win point for the development of the grain industry,Walking the road of street enterprises cooperation to service rural revitalization。

        This co -construction activity,Youth is the main force。Both sides focus on youth growth、Stimulate youth vitality、Serving youth development,Selected and combined training、The youth team communicates as a bond,Build a bridge for youth interaction between the two parties,Inspiring young people in the hot practice of rural rejuvenation in the new era and the development of the grain industry's development of youth。
        10,000 pieces of autumn harvest,10,000 pieces of autumn harvest。Provincial Grain Group and Getang Street, the species of friendship and blooming together,It will also take root in joint efforts、Flower Result。Next step,Both parties will further condense the development consensus、Strengthen interconnection、Increase cooperation,Co -promoting the construction of the party and group work with the same frequency seabet sports bettingof business work、Coordinated seabet clubmutual promotion,Create a street company & ldquo;、Co -construction、Share、Win -win & rdquo; Promote a good pattern of achieving high -quality development。

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