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Su Zhifu, General Manager of the Group Corporation, meet with Hol Feng, Senior Vice Chairman of the China, seabet clubAgriculture, Animal Husbandry Food Enterprise,
Release time: 2023-03-22 15:58:40

        morning March 21,Su Zhifu, general manager of the group company, met with Hol Feng, senior vice chairman of the Chinese and Animal Husbandry Food Enterprises in Rugao Grain and Oil Industrial Park。Huang Guobo, Chairman of Rugao Grain and Oil Industrial Park、General Manager Jiang Zhifeng and the responsible comrades of the relevant sector attend the talks。
        General Manager Su Zhifu extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Hall Peak and his party,and introduced the basic situation of the group in detail。He pointed out,Zhengda Group is in the seed industry、Feed、breeding and other aspects of deep cultivation for many years,With a stable front -end and back -end industrial chain advantages and supply channels; Su Grain Group seabet clubis the largest state -owned grain circulation enterprise in Jiangsu Province,Grain reserves in the province、Processing、Trade、Logistics and other sectors have a unique competitive advantage,The two parties are using two markets and two resources to deepen the cooperation space for cooperation in the grain and oil industry,I hope that the two parties will further strengthen strategic collaboration,Gathering to achieve complementary advantages、mutual benefit and win -win,To better serve the province's food safety、Promoting socio -economic development Injects new kinetic energy。
        Vice Chairman of Hallfeng introduced in detail the development background of Zhengda Group and the current reform of the agricultural and animal husbandry food business,seabet betting platformPurchase around raw grain、Logistics transportation and other specific businesses conducted in -depth discussions and exchanges。He said,The development of Zhengda Group's years is inseparable from the support of the grain industry,Follow -up will combine the advantages of Su Fa Group and the needs of Zhengda Group,Promote the cooperation between the two parties to deepen、higher level。

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