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Jiangsu Provincial Provincial Reserve Grain Storage Facilities Project Construction Site Promotion Conference and Jiangsu Changzhou Sunan Reserve Grain Co., Ltd. New Reserve Ceremony and Warehouse Storage Project was held smoothly
Release time: 2023-12-21 08:31:34

        ​​December 18,Jiangsu Province Provincial Provincial Reserve Grain Storage Facilities Project Construction Site Promotion Conference and Jiangsu Changzhou Sunan Reserve Grain Co., Ltd. New Reserve Ceremony and Warehouse Storage Project was held in Puyang。Hu Jianjun, Director of the Grain and Material Reserve of Jiangsu Province、First -level inspector Zhang Shengbin,Ye Minghua, Secretary of the Puyang Municipal Party Committee,Deputy General Manager of the Group Company、Provincial Party Committee Secretary of the Provincial Reserve Grain Company、Chairman Huang Xirong and others participated in the event。
        Ye Minghua said in his speech,The construction of the provincial reserve grain depot project,Injects the source of living water for the growth of grain,It will fully improve the food collection and storage of our city、Modernization seabet sports bettingof seabet online sports bettingprocessing and circulation,Continuously highlight the functional positioning of the main grain production area of ​​Puyang Southern Jiangsu; the successful success of the project,It provides a demonstration window for showing provincial cooperation,Our city will keep in mind & ldquo;,Huai Xing Thanksgiving Heart,Consciously guaranteeing land protection、Infrastructure supporting、Human Resources Support and other aspects of its ability、Do your responsibilities,Make sure the project is played greater effectiveness,Create a demonstration benchmark for the construction of food reserve libraries in the province and even the country、Model Model; Strong Assistance of the Project,Provides experience inspiration for the rise of Luyang green,Provincial reserve grain depot is close to green energy saving positioning,This is the bottom of the ecological base with Liyang、Accelerate the conspiracy of the struggle core of the green rise,The city will be guided by the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,Taking the grain depot project as the new starting point,Continue ecological priority、The concept of green development runs through all aspects,Accelerate the construction of the green rise quality city,Strive to move towards Southern Jiangsu First Array,Consciously contribute to Puyang in the new practice of Chinese -style modern Jiangsu。
        Huang Xirong said,This project will be used as a bond,Relying on the local industry advantage of Puyang、Resource advantages and policy advantages,Deepen green cooperation、Enterprise cooperation,Give full play to the seabet clubrole of food seabet clubreserves,Fully serve the safety of local food; fully deepen food production and sales cooperation,Fully serve rural revitalization work; comprehensively focus on high -quality development,Create new skills for the transformation and upgrading of the food industry and serving the local economic development。Hope project unit、Construction unit、Design Unit、Careful organization of supervision unit、Careful construction、Careful management,Make sure engineering quality、Project progress and construction security,With first -class construction quality and first -class construction speed,Strive to complete early、Early production、Early effective。
        Zhang Shengbin expressed warm congratulations to the construction of the project。He said,The scale of this foundation project is large、Function wide,To ensure regional grain collection and storage、Promote the upgrade of the grain industry、Serving local economic and social development will have a positive effect,It is conducive to further consolidating the province's grain safety & ldquo; cockpit & rdquo;、Further optimize the layout of the province's grain and storage facilities、Further improve the level of high -quality development in the province's grain reserves,Promote the high -quality development of food reserves in the province。I hope everyone will take the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference as a leading,Implementation and walking first、Requirements for demonstration,Actively use new processes、New Technology、New Material、New equipment,Fully build Jiangsu Safety Grain Store、seabet sports bettingSmart seabet sports bettingGrain Store、Green Grain Store、Beautiful Grain Store,Help Puyang becomes a new model to ensure local food security,Help Liyang becomes a new high -quality development high in the grain industry; I hope everyone will work together,Create a lot of reserves、Supporting power、Management specification、Technology support、Internal and external circulation、Jiangsu grain and material reserve system for industry prosperous,To promote rural revitalization、Construction of strong agricultural provinces contribute food storage power。
        The total investment of Liyang project exceeds 280 million yuan,Planning and design total warehouse capacity of about 135,400 tons,It is the key project of the provincial grain group & ldquo; 14th Fourth Five -Year Plan & rdquo;,It is also the first newly -built project in southern Jiangsu since the establishment of Jiangsu Provincial Reserve Grain Company。This project is based on the construction of high standard granary、Create the requirements of the Jiangsu Provincial Demonstration Library,Combined with the geological status of southern southernwen and project geological status,Use & ldquo; double -layer epidermis & rdquo; low energy consumption、Have & ldquo; Hui faction & rdquo; style bungalow and warehouse type,Roof design photovoltaic integrated power generation system,Shallow Cangkang Equipment to improve the tower operation,Comprehensive Building Construction combat reserve dispatch center。After the project is completed,For the implementation of national food security strategies,Implement the governor & ldquo; rice seabet betting platformbag seabet online sports betting& rdquo; responsibility system,Optimize the layout of food reserve in our province,Strengthen the weaving state -owned food collection and storage network,Improve macro -control and emergency supply capacity in our province,Help the rural revitalization strategy,Further service & ldquo; agriculture and farmers & rdquo;、Promoting farmers' income,Further extend the industrial chain and value chain,Prosperity and stabilizing the food market has a leading and demonstration role。

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