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Jianghai Company Party members went to Meiyuan seabet betting platformNew seabet betting platformVillage Memorial Hall to carry out the theme party day activity of the theme of the "Discipline and Discipline Regulations of the Discipline and Disciplinary Regulations
Release time: 2024-05-22 17:41:16

        To carry out in -depth party discipline learning and education,Further enhanced the consciousness of discipline and rules of the majority of party members and cadres,Promote party members and cadres to be honest and honest、The new fashion of the hard work,On the afternoon of May 14,Jianghai Company Party Committee organized party members to go to Jiangsu Patriotic Education Demonstration Base Meiyuan seabet betting platformNew seabet betting platformVillage Memorial Hall to carry out & ldquo;  Fight for the Times Pioneer & RDQUO; Theme Party Day event。
        All party members are seabet clubfull of respect seabet sports bettingand admire the bronze statue of Zhou Enlai,Visit the former site of the Historical Materials Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party and Communist Party of China and the old site of the CCP delegation。Performable historical photos、Drockets for portrait newspapers、Literature and cultural relics,Let everyone revisit the revolutionary years,I feel that the older generations of revolutionaries have for the cause of the party and the people,Unity and self -discipline、Not afraid of difficulties、The lofty revolutionary spirit of sacrifice。
        After the visit,All party members said,This visit and study enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of patriotic strong enterprises,To seabet clubinherit the seabet clubgood work style of the older generation of proletarian revolutionary,Forever the Communists to keep up and vigor,Love Gang dedication、Pioneering Innovation,Contribute to the high -quality development of the enterprise。

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