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Thirty Zero Company Carry out a series of confidentiality publicity education series
Release time: 2024-05-24 14:04:07

        From mid -April 2024 to mid -May,is the 36th confidentiality publicity education month in my country。Do a good job of confidentiality publicity and education for solidly,Further improving seabet sports bettingthe seabet casino reviewawareness seabet sports bettingof confidentiality of party members, cadres and employees,Strengthen the company's confidentiality work,Thirty Zero Company Multi -measure,Seriously carry out a series of activities of confidentiality publicity, education, and monthly activities,In -depth publicity of confidentiality laws and regulations,Popularized knowledge related knowledge。
        Strengthen theoretical learning,Tighten party members and cadres & ldquo; confidential strings & rdquo;。Carry out & ldquo; Party building+confidential & rdquo; theme party day event,Concentrated studying the newly revised "The People's Republic of China Conservative State Secret Law",Key interpretation of new and modified provisions,Watch the confidentiality promotion micro -video "Dry and the earth、Being a Hidden Surname "," A Communist Party Member who strictly keeps confidential discipline ",Organizational confidential personnel signed a confidentiality agreement。Leading through seabet online sports bettingseabet online sports bettingparty building,The majority of cadres and employees fully recognize the importance and urgency of confidentiality work,strengthened confidentiality awareness,strengthened confidentiality prevention。
        Organization special training,Tienate confidentiality & ldquo; Protection Network & rdquo;。Develop & ldquo; Secret Law and Note & RDQUO; Special Training,Specific requirements for studying confidentiality laws and regulations and confidentiality work,Procedures and measures for sorting confidential work。Watch confidentiality publicity micro -video "Put your mobile phone & ldquo; confidentiality off & rdquo;" "confidential,Actually it is with you and me "。Through training,The majority of cadres and employees have more intuitive confidentiality work、Delivery。
        By carrying out a series of activities of confidentiality publicity education,Further strengthening the importance and necessity of cadres and employees on confidentiality work,Effectively enhance seabet sports bettingthe seabet casino reviewawareness of confidentiality。Everyone said,In future work,To persist in the bottom line thinking,Keep & ldquo; risks everywhere & rdquo; sober and consciousness,Stable and far away in the work of confidentiality and safety of enterprises。
        Thirty -0 companies will continue to deepen confidential education and practice,Constantly improving the confidentiality system,Related daily work,The whole process of running the enterprise security through the work、All aspects,See it for all kinds of risks to not cute、Turn into it without sending it,Improve the safety prevention ability and confidential work awareness of all party members and cadres and employees,Provides a solid guarantee for promoting the company's high -quality development。

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