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Su Grain Huai'an Grain Warehouse Storage and Logistics Project Carrying seabet online sports bettingout the "Safety Production Month" launching ceremony
Release time: 2024-06-07 17:04:01

        June 1, 2024,Su Grain Huai'an Grain and Warehousing and Logistics Project held a launching ceremony of & ldquo; safety production month & rdquo;。This event aims to continuously strengthen the staff's awareness of the safety of construction operations,Improve the ability of all members in emergency situation。Shan Tao, general manager of Su Grain Huai'an Grain Industry Co., Ltd.、Zhang Liyao, manager of the project department、Director of Supervisory Qiu Weibang,and all the managers of the project department、The representative of front -line workers participated in this event。
        On the launching ceremony,Representatives of the seabet betting platformparticipating units made speeches on the safety management of the project,Focus on the importance of safe production,It is clearly pointing out that the safety of the life of each employee is the key to the construction of the project,Encourage and require all employees to maintain a high degree of alertness at all times,Strictly follow the Safety Operation Specification,Make sure & ldquo; security priority,Principles of prevention & rdquo;。
        During the event, a presence of safety management books to the labor team representatives、Signed a Safety Payment Letter and other activities,Call for everyone to pay attention to safety issues,Comply with safety regulations,Actively participate in & ldquo; Safety production month & rdquo;。
        seabet betting platformIn the next job,The project department will continue to carry out safety theme activities,Further popularization of security knowledge,Improve the safety awareness of all participants,Strengthen safety supervision,Make sure various safety measures fall into implementation。

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