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Dream building modern struggle Lantai people 2024 International Archives Day
Release time: 2024-06-09 17:48:08

is the testimony of history, the inheritance of culture, and the treasure of the country
One volume file
Not only records every footprint of the country's development
also witnessed the change of each era
and & ldquo; Lantai people & rdquo;
It is the guardians, inheritors, and innovators of these precious archives
June 9, 2024
Is the 17th International Archive Day
The theme of this year's propaganda is
& ldquo; Modernization of Dreams  Struggle Lantai people & rdquo;
It is designed to call on the importance of the whole society to pay attention to archives work
Incentive archive workers continue to carry forward the spirit of Lantai
Promote the sustainable and healthy development of the archives
Contribute more wisdom and power to modernization

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