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Three -zero company carried seabet betting platformout seabet sports bettingunpaid blood donation activities
Release time: 2024-06-10 08:36:51

        To convey love and care,Promoting & ldquo; free blood donation、Caring for life & rdquo; selfless dedication spirit,On the 20th anniversary of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the blood donation of the world,June 6, 2024,Three -Zero Company and Taixing Blood Station Organization to carry seabet betting platformout seabet sports bettingunpaid blood donation activities,Thirty Zero Company and the Party member and cadres of the company Suzhong Company,Volunteers and employees actively participate,Red Thirty -Zero Volunteer Service Team for Logistics Based。
        Activity scene,Under the guidance of volunteers,Employees fill in personal information in an orderly manner,Test blood index seabet sports bettingtest,seabet clubVarious indicators Qualified personnel can donate blood。More than 50 people in this blood donation activity actively participated,Successful blood donation 30 people,A total of nearly 10,000 ml of blood donation,Some people take the initiative to join the hematopoietic stem cell donation team,Actively refuel with love for life,Use action to interpret the responsibility of state -owned enterprises。
        Organize this seabet sports bettingunpaid blood donation activity,Provide a platform for the majority of cadres and employees,Very good call for more people to join blood donation,Send warm and hope for people who need help。Next,The company will continue to organize various social seabet casino reviewpublic seabet online sports bettingwelfare activities,Practicing the social responsibility of state -owned enterprises with actual actions,Contributions to building a harmonious society。

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