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Su Si Zero Hai'an Grain Collection and Reserve Co., Ltd. equity evaluation and net asset audit project competitive negotiation announcement
Release time: 2024-03-21 17:22:35

1. The basic situation of the project
Project number: JSTCC2451611052
Project Name: Su Shi Hai'an Grain Collection and Reserve Co., Ltd. equity evaluation and net asset audit project
Purchasing method: Competitive negotiation
Budget amount: RMB 80,000
Procurement needs: Su Sugi Hai'an Grain Collection and Reserve Co., Ltd. equity evaluation and net asset audit project。
2. The qualification requirements of the applicant
(1) Supplier has an independent legal person qualification (provides a copy of the business license and stamped seabet sports bettingwith the official seal of the unit);
seabet casino review(2) Suppliers have good business reputation and sound financial accounting system,Not in order to suspend business、Bid qualifications are canceled、Property is frozen、State of bankruptcy (providing commitments and stamping the official seal of the unit);
(3) The supplier has not been included in the list of dishonesty being executed by & ldquo; Credit China & rdquo; website
(4) Accountant affairs participating in the negotiations have been comprehensively evaluated by the provincial and above accountant association (the latest period within three years) of the provincial and above accounting firms (the latest period within three years).
(5) A related company with investment and participation in this project,or a parent -child company with direct management or management relationship,or a subsidiary of the same parent company,or the legal representative is two or more legal persons for the same person shall not respond at the same time,Otherwise, all will be treated according to the veto response。(Provide a letter of commitment and stamped seabet sports bettingwith the official seal of the unit);
(6) Receive consortium in this project.
3. Get purchasing documents
1. Everyone who intends to participate in the supplier,Please at 08:30 am on March 21, 2024 to 12:00 am on March 25, 2024 (Beijing time,Same seabet clubbelow),Register on platform seabet clubto download and download the electronic version purchase file。
2. Purchasing file acquisition method:
responding person must register and download electronic version procurement documents (register、Log in the entrance is & ldquo; jstcc (new version) & rdquo;,Previous suppliers registered in & ldquo; jtcc (old version) & rdquo;,Please log in from & ldquo; jstcc (new version) & rdquo; entrance login,and improve user information before paying attention to downloading the project's procurement file。Technical support Tel: 4000580203)。
The contact person must be responsible for the contact of the project。The subsequent notice of this project will be sent directly to this contact through platform。Contact information errors registered by the person is its own risk,Purchase and bidding agencies do not assume responsibility for this。
Platform service fee: 100 yuan,After the payment is completed,Platform provides online download electronic invoices。
4. The submission and opening of the response file
1. The deadline for submitting the file (deadline,The same below): At 14:30 on March 25, 2024
2. Submission method and place: Submit to Room 1402, 14th Floor, Zhenghe Middle Road, Gulou District, seabet online sports bettingNanjing City, Jiangsu Province
3. Response files that seabet sports bettingare overdue or not delivered at the designated place,Buyers will not accept it。
4. At the same time at the time of the submission of the response file,A negotiating ceremony is held at the same place。
5. Other supplements
This announcement is released on the bidding and bidding public service platform ( in Jiangsu Province。
6、An inquiry of this purchase,Please contact the following ways
1. Purchase information
Name    Call: Jiangsu Food Group Co., Ltd.
Di    Address: Building 338, Zhongshan Road, Nanjing
Lianqi people: Guan Chao
2. Information agency information
Name    Call: Jiangsu Bidding Center Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 1405, 14th floor, No. 118, Zhenghe Middle Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City
Contact: Yu Haitao, Ace
Contact information: 025-82281899

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