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He is first
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Chunrun all things,Hesheng Fap Valley。Represents spring with green,The elliptical outer frame symbolizes the earth,Breeding grain。Successful. Perfect. Eternal. Classic round!

He Zi uses traditional Chinese calligraphy font deformation,It is the core of the entire logo design,Stable in the change。He & rdquo; He & rdquo;,A horizontal & ldquo; horizontal vertical and vertical & rdquo;,Make the entire font balanced in the dynamic,The meaning of the meaning is stable,The company changes anyway to develop steadily。

seabet betting platformseabet online sports bettingevolved the shape of the rice into a pattern。Symbol of health. Fresh. Nutrition,Rice embryo shape implies the breeding of hope,Expressed Su Grain Group & ldquo; providing the Chinese people with health food & rdquo;。

Mature rice ears,Highlighting the main direction of the grain industry of Su Grain Group,Represents Graphito Fengdeng.,also represents the golden harvest! At the same time, the people of Su Grain are hardworking and brave. The bold and innovative results。

He is a traditional Chinese folk food storage garden warehouse。"Book of Rites. Moon Order" There is a record of & ldquo; Xiuhe Cang & rdquo;。The significance seabet betting platformof the group has a long seabet betting platformseabet online sports betting-established grain culture,Expressed the group from planting. Warehousing。 Processing. The entire industry chain mode of the market。

Combine the port with the He group & ldquo; and & rdquo;,Allegations that Su Fa Group & ldquo; He is first. He is first-food Hehe. Family and & rdquo; core values。

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