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Provincial Grain Group successfully held the first phase of the middle and middle -aged cadres for training class
Release time: 2024-04-25 09:22:43

        seabet betting platformApril 17th to 19th,Provincial Grain Group successfully held the first middle and middle -aged cadres in Nanjing University of Finance and Economics。General Manager of the Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Su Zhifu,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Xu Xingqi attended the opening ceremony and the completion ceremony and spoke。The first phase of the middle and middle -aged training classes have 40 students participating。
        Su Zhifu pointed out at the opening ceremony,The Party Committee of the Group has always attached great importance to the education and training of cadre talent teams。He emphasized,First, understand the significance of the training deeply,Around the mission,Deeply understand your responsibility,Anchor target direction,Forwarding forward。Second, we must gather forces to improve comprehensive ability seabet clubquality,close to actual learning,Sinking down to learn,Put your body practice,Considering thought。Third, we must continue to promote practical and excellent style,Bring honor learning,Let the sense of honor be reflected in the essence of good morality and entrepreneurship。He said,I hope everyone has no heart、devoted to learning and training,Further improve comprehensive ability,Effective transformation of learning results into paid to implementation、The powerful motivation of picking the beam,To better carry up the heavy responsibility to promote the high -quality development of the group。
        Xu Xingqi fully affirmed the effectiveness of the training class at the closing ceremony,and ask students to build political loyalty for how to transform the learning achievements,seabet casino reviewExcessive skills to practice,Costume as the people's feelings,Strengthening the mission,Strict discipline rules。
        This training,Relying on the rich science and education and innovation resources of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics,Rich learning form,Content pragmatic、Deployment Zhou Mi。In the first phase of the middle and middle -aged cadres' training classes, they have a characteristic、The results have been done。

seabet casino reviewProvincial Grain Group successfully held the training course for the 2024 backbone talent ability improvement
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