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Provincial Grain Group Party Committee Party Disciplinary Study Education Special Reading Class
Release time: 2024-04-25 21:13:31

        To promote party discipline learning and education deeply,April 24,Group Party Discipline Learning Education Special Reading Class。General Manager of the Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Su Zhifu attended and gave a mobilization speech,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Xu Xingqi, hosted the opening of the class。
        Meeting to point out,Holding this special reading class is not only a specific measure for the party committee of the group to implement the party's discipline and education deployment.,It is also the group's leaders at all levels to strengthen theoretical armed forces、An important way to build seabet online sports bettingthe seabet online sports bettingfoundation foundation,It is also played by the leading role of party members and leading cadres,Active Leading School Promotion,The actual action of creating a strong learning atmosphere on the group。
        Conference emphasized,The group must improve the political standing in & ldquo; True Xin & RDQUO;,Enhance discipline consciousness with high political consciousness、Strict discipline rules。We must deeply understand the serious requirements of discipline and rules,Explain the extreme importance of strict discipline and rules,Consciously accept the tempering and baptism of party discipline and education; we must deeply understand the systemic requirements of disciplinary construction,Disciplinary and discipline with strict political discipline is comprehensive and strict,Promote & ldquo; Six discipline & rdquo;、Coordinated effort; we must deeply understand the unified requirements of constraints and protect the protection,Understand the greatest love for cadres、Best protection,Always consciously put yourself in discipline constraints and supervision; we must deeply understand the conscious requirements of obeying and discipline,More effort to enhance discipline awareness,Frequently knocking on ideological alarm clock、Frequently tight discipline strings、Frequent awe of the heart,Form the high consciousness of compliance with the rules and discipline。
        Meeting requirements,The group must focus on & ldquo; Zhenxue & rdquo; seabet clubfocus on key seabet casino reviewtasks,Make a discipline with a thorough self -revolutionary spirit、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji。To & ldquo; Active discipline & rdquo; consolidate the foundation,Especially for the new revised content of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",Persist in chapter by chapter by section、Contact actual learning,Really make the process of learning party discipline a enhanced discipline awareness、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit; & ldquo;,Think of the spiritual essence and basic laws of the party discipline,Deep understanding of the ideal beliefs contained in it、A sense of purpose and organization principles,Always on the issue of right and wrong; it is necessary to strengthen Mingji & rdquo;,Keep a sober mind and the correct behavior direction at all times,Building a high line on ideal beliefs and political loyalty,Keep the bottom line on political discipline and political rules;,Always be thoughtful、Standard work standards、Story of style development、Self -restraint strict,Differential right and wrong,Cervical Care,Model practitioner who fear the party discipline,Create positive health、Development environment for entrepreneurship in officers。
        Conference emphasized,The group must practice the core concept,Action of demonstration examples with a strong mission。To put political discipline and political rules in the first place,Fixed seabet betting platformimplementation seabet betting platformof the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee unswervingly,Combined with learning General Secretary Xi Jinping's reform and development of state -owned enterprises、Important discussions such as food safety,Stiring the main business of the main responsibility、Promoting the development of state -owned enterprises to move forward; we must play a leading role in leading driving,Comprehensive systematic learning to master the Regulations,Deepening、Internalization、Conversion of Kung Fu,Further strict & ldquo; Six discipline & rdquo; requirements,Leading to drive & ldquo; most & rdquo;,Perform strictly & ldquo; one post and dual responsibility & rdquo;,Deep understanding of the combination of strict management and love,Practicing service guarantee food security & ldquo;,Always maintaining a motivated mental state and an unprecedented struggle,Dare to break through and dare to do it、pioneering and aggressive,Go all out to grasp the reform、Development、Stability of various tasks,Pick up the beam in the process of high -quality development of the group、Good work and success。
        After the opening style,All participants listened to the leader of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission in the Provincial Procuratorate、Comrade Yang Guang, a member of the Party Group of the Provincial Procuratorate, seabet casino reviewmade a special counseling of seabet clubthe "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。
        Member of the Group Leaders、Group members and cadres above the middle level or above of the group (including assistant)、Group members of the group party discipline learning and education work attended the meeting。

seabet online sports bettingProvincial Grain Group successfully held the first phase of the middle and middle -aged cadres for training class
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