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Hi News 丨 Provincial Food Group 2 female employees won the title of "Outstanding Personal Personal Personal" of the "Provincial and Top Enterprises '' Double Controversy"
Release time: 2024-05-17 14:03:02

        May 14,Jiangsu Provincial seabet online sports bettingseabet online sports bettingProvincial and Ministerial Enterprise Institute of Enterprise Institute of Enterprise and Institute of Enterprise and Institute of Enterprise and Institute of Enterprises,For the collective and individuals with outstanding performance and individuals in the event in & ldquo;,Sales Manager Yuan Juan、The assistant Lu Yuanyuan, assistant to the material management department of Taixing Su Zhongfang Fans Co., Ltd.。
        Comrade Yuan Juan unite colleagues at work、Courage to take responsibility,Always insist on & ldquo; do the incremental & rdquo; business concept,Leading business colleagues actively expand sales platforms and channels,Many years have won the sales champion of the rice company,Make a great contribution to the company's development,fully demonstrated the young people in the new era dare to do it、A good character with courage。At the same time,This comrade as a company & ldquo; Family Family seabet casino reviewseabet sports betting& RDQUO; Young Commando Captain,Can lead the team members to take the initiative,Actively participate in the promotion of grain and grain and rural revitalization,Give full play to the responsibility of Su Grain's youth,Make positive contributions in the aspects of & ldquo; Shuiyun Sumi & rdquo; brand promotion。
        Comrade Lu Yuanyuan as assistant to the Department of Property Management of the Taixing Soviet Powder Company,Always take the responsibility of strengthening the safety management of the enterprise,Can be able to load and unload zone in daily work、Sales Library and other key places for daily inspections、Summary of the day and day,Make sure there is no safety accident throughout the year。At the same time,During the heavy sales task,Can take the lead in the battle,Give full play to the spirit of comrades' comrades not seabet clubseabet online sports bettingafraid of suffering or tired,Cooperate with the sales department overtime to complete the loading task,Fully guarantee sales service work,Contributing to the company's business development of the company。
        Hope that the majority of cadres and employees of the group will take advanced examples,Ersenation、Courageous Innovation,Constantly improving its own quality and ability,Strive to compose a new chapter in the high -quality development of Su Grain in the new era。

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