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Provincial Grain Group Party Committee held a special reading class (second stage) and on -site study of the theoretical learning center group
Release time: 2024-05-29 14:35:55

        Recent,According to the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Party Committee deployment and group party committee party discipline study and education work arrangement,The Group's Party Committee held a special reading class (second stage) and on -site study of the theoretical learning center group。General Manager of the Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Su Zhifu hosted the event and spoke。
        On the afternoon of the 24th,Members of the Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group Group and cadres above the middle level to the Martyrs Cemetery of Yuhuatai to carry out on -site research activities。Visit the Monument Monument to the Ruhuatai Revolutionary Martyrs、& ldquo;,Su Zhifu led everyone to revisit the party's oath。
        seabet online sports bettingAfter the research activity,Members of the leadership team of the group party committee around & ldquo; six discipline & rdquo;,In -depth communication and learning experience。
        The meeting emphasized,The group must understand the ideas and deepen it in ideology,Seriously & ldquo; learn & rdquo;,Make sure the spirit of the Regulations enters the mind。seabet sports betting。Repeat the original text of the Regulations,Learn through chapter by section、Deeper continuous learning,Effectively understanding and grasping the main essence and practical requirements of the Regulations;Second, insist on following in school。Timely follow -up studying General Secretary Xi Jinping's latest important speech and important instructions for party discipline education and education;Third, insist on contacting actual learning。Tightly connect with the actual work,Consciousness with General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech instruction spirit、The Regulations stipulate for relative photos,Promoting a conscious and firm direction in studying the "Regulations"、Correct route;Fourth, insist on deep reflection learning。Combined with the grim situation faced by the Group's current anti -corruption,Learn from the case,Promote the rules in the "Regulations"、Wake up the police、Ming bottom line、Awe of Awe。
        The meeting pointed out,The group must strengthen the discipline consciousness,True cut & ldquo; enlightenment & rdquo;,Make sure that the self -introspection of the words and deeds of the words and deeds。The logical relationship of six disciplines & rdquo;,Accurately grasp the core essence of & ldquo; six discipline & rdquo;,Strict execution & ldquo; six discipline & rdquo;。
        Conference requirements,The group must optimize the coordination of the group,Coordinated & ldquo; grab & rdquo;,Make sure that learning and education is done carefullyFurther compact responsibility,The secretary of the party organizations must focus on the party's party discipline and education party committee secretary、2 Secretary of the Party Branch 2 responsibility list,Give full play to the leading role,To make an example、Under the above rate。Further clarify the key points,Continuing organizational party members, cadres, and employees to do a good job of & ldquo; Six discipline & rdquo;、On -site education、Watch the warning education film、In -depth analysis of cases of violations of law and discipline、Reminder and other tasks before the acquisition of summer food。Further strengthen supervision,Specialized classes at all levels must carefully fulfill the guidance and supervise the responsibilities、Active sinking enterprise front line,Follow -up understanding the progress and effective practice of party discipline education and education at all levels,Help solve specific problems。
        The meeting emphasized,The group must re -actualize the work measures,solid & ldquo; dry & rdquo;,Ensure that service development is effectivePersevere & ldquo;、Two promotion & rdquo;。Consciously combine the development of party discipline learning and education with actual actual,Repeat the current work that are currently carried out、Delivery、Implementing it again,Promoting Discipline Discipline Learning and Education Deep Those。Pay attention to & ldquo;、Try to do practical & rdquo;,Condense the power from party discipline learning and education、Promoting the spirit,Guide to drive the majority of party members and cadres to focus on the main business、Pick up the responsibility,It is determined that the annual target task will not be relaxed,Especially in the continuous deepening of the reform of the reserve system and mechanism、Trading platform integration、Construction of major projects、Deepen the reform of state -owned enterprises、Promote & ldquo; Yijiang and two gardens & rdquo; fusion and other aspects,Do not loosen、Unlazy,Fully promote the key tasks to land.。Show & ldquo; new weather、New as & rdquo;,Ahead of planning for summer grain acquisition,Further strengthening service awareness,Continuous improvement style、Strengthen budget management、Improve management quality and efficiency,Trade enterprises must further strengthen the consciousness of rules,Objective analysis of the status quo of integration operation、Actively conduct market market research and judgment、Actively prevent and resolve business risks、Systems promote various reform tasks; the collection and storage enterprises must further strengthen the bottom line thinking,Preventing integrity risk,Do a good job of & ldquo; Five Dynasties & RDQUO; Service,Promote the expansion of the acquisition of summer grain。
        On the morning of the 27th,Participants watched the special film "Outstanding Models that are strict with self -discipline & mdash; & mdash; Zhou Enlai",Deep understanding seabet casino reviewComrade Zhou Enlai's selflessness in life、The noble personality and lofty style of the world for the world。During the event,Also listen to the special counseling report、Visit the warning education base and self -study method,Promoting Discipline Discipline Learning and Education Deep Those。
        Members of the Group's Party Committee Leaders,Group Headquarters Department、The main person in charge of the second -level enterprises,Headquarters Party Organization Secretary Participated in Reading Class and Study Meeting。

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