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Provincial Grain Group held a 2024 summer grain acquisition work meeting
Release time: 2024-05-31 09:24:16

        May 28,Provincial Grain Group held a 2024 summer grain acquisition work meeting,Analysis and judgment of the acquisition of summer grain,Arrange the deployment of summer grain acquisition。Su Zhifu, General Manager of the Provincial Grain Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Deputy General Manager of Provincial Grain Group、Huang Xirong, chairman of the Provincial Reserve Grain Company, chaired the meeting。
        seabet casino reviewConference emphasized,The group should focus on high -quality development goals,Grasp this year's summer grain acquisition,Fight from the comprehensive improvement from quantity to quality,The focus should be forced from four aspects。seabet casino review。Enterprises must fully judge the output of food、Internal and external market situation、Factors such as food acquisition cycle,Formulate the actual situation of the enterprise、The acquisition plan that adapts to the market direction,Under the premise of preventing risks,Seize market opportunities,Maximize the benefits。The second is to focus on the main business and adhere to the main responsibility,Continue to improve the quality and efficiency of reserve food。Provincial reserve grain company must collect food according to & ldquo;、Install food、Requirements with money to collect food & rdquo;,Fully do a good job in the preparation of summer grain acquisition,While accelerating the construction of the storage project,High -quality and efficient completion of the rotation and collection of provincial grain reserve。Third is to increase the quality and improve efficiency of gathering force reform,Go all out to improve the level of summer grain trade operation。Food Trade Management Center must coordinate grain and oil operations,Improve operating efficiency。Trade enterprises and processing enterprises must adhere to steady progress,Maintain risk prevention consciousness at all times,Continue to improve the market layout,Constantly improving market share and core competitiveness,Cooperative cooperation to improve the overall benefits of the group。Fourth, stick to the bottom line to cohesion synergy,Ensure that the whole process of summer grain acquisition is safe and orderly。Enterprises must strictly implement the national grain acquisition policy during summer grain acquisitions,Strengthening integrity and self -discipline,Science to do a good job of acquisition of collective decisions,Building a food safety production defense line,At the same time, we must continuously optimize the service measures of benefiting farmers,Show the responsibility of state -owned enterprises。
        Conference requirements,1 To improve ideological understanding。Accurately grasp the situation and trend of the current food market,Do a good job of publicity and education,Enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of the acquisition of summer food。Second, refine the acquisition measures。Further strengthening market research,Prevent trade risk,Optimize the acquisition process,Improve the purchase efficiency。Third to do a real work task。Strengthen communication and coordination,Clear work tasks and responsibilities,Establish a sound supervision and inspection mechanism,Make sure that the acquisition tasks are effective for effective execution。
        On the way,The Group Discipline Inspection Commission conducted a collective integrity reminder for summer grain acquisition。The relevant departments of the group headquarters conducted a job reminder reminder。Each second -level enterprise reports exchanging summer grain production research、Market market analysis and preparation。
        Group relevant departments、The person in charge of the second -level enterprise and the person in charge of the relevant database attended the on -site meeting。Related secondary enterprises、Other members of the Reserve Library Leadership Team and the backbone video of the collection and storage business。

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