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Provincial Grain Group held the "May 4th" commendation meeting and youth exchange symposium
Release time: 2024-04-30 16:40:03

        April 29,To further promote & ldquo; May 4 & rdquo; spirit,Inspired the majority of Soviet grain youth in service guarantee food safety、Promote the high -quality development of enterprises in the front、Yong Dang Pioneer,The Group held & ldquo; May 4th & rdquo; commendation meeting and & ldquo; firmly unswervingly follow the party and make good achievements & rdquo;。General Manager of the Group、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Su Zhifu attended the meeting and speak,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Xu Xingqi、Director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee and the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee seabet betting platformattended the meeting,Member of seabet casino reviewthe Youth League Committee、Secretary of the branch branch、Get the collective and personal、Outstanding young representatives of each enterprise participated in the event。
        Will on the way,Collectively revisited the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and members of the new leadership team of the Central Committee.,and read out the "Removal of the Provincial and Ministerial Enterprises in 2023、Scientific Research Institute、Notice of the Work Evaluation Results of the Communist Youth League of the Communist Youth League "、The Group Youth League Committee "Naming 2023-2024 Youth & LDQUO; Notice of Hand Hand Paton Warehouse & RDQUO; Collective and Personal",The leaders of the participating leaders named the youth & ldquo;、Giving flag。
        Five youths & ldquo; Hand Gang Warehouse & RDQUO; Collective and individual outstanding representatives actually exchanged speeches in order to build work in turn。
        General Manager Su Zhifu on behalf of the group's party committee to the named youth & ldquo; Handang warehouse & rdquo; collective and individuals to express warm congratulations,Extended holiday greetings and good wishes to the group of young friends from the group and workers on the front of the party building group。He said,The current group is in a critical period for deepening reforms and accelerated development,The Group's Party Committee has high hopes for the seabet betting platformyouth seabet online sports bettingof the majority of members、Full of expectations,Young members of the majority of members should actively respond to the call,firm confidence、Active responsibility、Not afraid of challenges、Make the difficulties and go up,Strive to run a good baton for history,Growing up with Soviet Grain and progress。
        General Manager Su Zhifu pointed out that the majority of young friendsseabet sports betting,Continuous strengthening thoughts and consciousness、Constantly improving party spirit cultivation,Always do knowledge and action,The loyalty to the party is found in the action of implementing the group's various decisions and deployment。Putting the position in practical exercise、Practice internal skills,Demonstrate youthful nature,Exercise True、Cultivate new thinking、Sticking the toughness,Relying on & ldquo; Hand Gang Warehouse & RDQUO; Loa Platform,Efforts to grow into a professional talent、Tongcai of food business。We must bravely choose the burden in urgent and danger、啃 啃 骨,Add a bright color,Perseverance of improving the responsibility、capable capabilities、Dare to think about the courage,The actor who starts to do it、Struggler who overcome difficulties,Practice the correct concept of political performance,Go forward steadily。To be awake and firm in self -revolution、Check your body、Keep it clean and color,Qin 掸 & ldquo; Thoughtchen & rdquo;、Jianjian & ldquo; Firewall & rdquo;、Calculated & ldquo; Integrity account & rdquo;,Actively study the party constitution and party discipline rules,Persist in the beginning of caution,The first buckle of the industry is good,The powerful promoter of the construction of clean Su Grain。
        He said,Su Glie Young people must continue the traditional journey in the new journey、Promote a good style in the new era,Continuous growth in the great struggle,Surprove a deserved part of the party、Delown to the times、It is worthy of the new youth answer sheet of the company。
        After the symposium,The Youth League Committee of the Youth League Committee organized the youth of the members of the group & ldquo.。Member of the Youth League Committee chapter by chapter and sentence、Originally recited the "Regulations on the Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",Under the oath of the Youth League Committee,League member youth representatives hold their right hand,Hold the right fist,To relive the vow of the group solemnly。
        After the activity is over,Everyone said,The oath of entering the group is like a bright lamp illuminating the direction of our progress,Become eternal belief and pursuit,Inspiration we must actively learn from the revolutionary martyrs、Learn from typical model,Inherit the spirit of the May 4th,Investment with more vigorous vitality and enthusiasm to the food safety cause,With full enthusiasm and full seabet online sports bettingof seabet casino reviewmotivation,Shouzheng Innovation,Contribute youth for the new Su Grain。

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